5th Kup

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For some, a sacred belief in the absolute knowledge that everything happens for a reason, while for others it is a heretical attack on the sanctity of their free will. For yet others still it's an excuse to disclaim responsibility for their choices and for philosophers like me it's something fun to think about in my idle time.

As mentioned in previous posts I was never a sporty nor exercise-focused individual and yet I've taken to Tae Kwon-Do like a duck to water. Is it fate that a discomforting encounter with a wandering belligerent inspired me to seek a martial arts club to learn self-defence? Was it fate that just around the corner from me I would come to discover a Tae Kwon-Do club at which I felt right at home, despite barely having heard of the art before then? Or was it simply a random roll of the dice that I would develop such unwavering dedication that even a broken leg couldn't keep me away once I was able to walk again?

All I can say for certain is that I'm a 5th kup now and that is FRIGGIN' AWESOME!

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