Sticking With It

6th Kup

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Tae Kwon-Do is not the first martial art I've tried, not even as an adult, yet it is the first one I've stuck with. Why is that?

Well, let's take a little look at my own history in this regard. As a child of around 7 years, if I recall the age correctly, I did judo for several months but eventually quit as I was getting headaches all the time no doubt due to insufficient technique. Later that same year I tried out one karate lesson but had no interest. I had very little wherewithal or motivation for anything at that age.

Fast forward to my mid-20s and for reasons I no longer recall, I decided I wanted to take up kickboxing. It took me a while to choose a club to try out, but after my first lesson I really enjoyed it and felt compelled to carry on. Honestly, I think had my fitness been up to scratch I likely would have continued with that one, but my fitness was poor and the classes were not exactly beginner-friendly in terms of exercise tolerance. Two weeks of severe core muscle strain followed (largely due to a lack of protein in my diet at the time, but I didn't know that then) and the sleepless nights caused by that put me off from returning.

So we come now to the present. Despite an unrelated injury that prevented me from training for three months, that in turn occurring only four/five months into my membership of the club, I've never lost my enthusiasm for this particular art.

I think in a lot of ways, this is down to the club itself, with its excellent instructors and student community, but also the art itself seems to fit well with me. I like the rotational movements and the structured learning process, but also the theory behind it all - both in terms of the practical application of the moves, the meanings behind the patterns and the history those meanings convey.

Put more succinctly perhaps, as someone who has never been sporty or particularly exercise-focused, this is the first time I've actually found a form of physical exercise to be personally fulfilling.

That and the opportunity to take dashing photos every time I earn a new belt doesn't hurt ;)

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