Sun and Moon

Part 1 - Captivation
I spot the moon, in her beauty and glow
I feel my flames burning bright
I call out to her, "Oh beautiful moon,
Take my hand and guide me through the night!"

I care not for the sun, I see only the night sky
Still I hear his call, yet I don't understand
He may look at me, yet I look the other way
I'll resist his plea, I shall not take his hand

Part 2 - Repulsion
You show your light side when I focus on you
Show me your dark side, true colours to me
You've no light of your own, you reflect what I give
Now only cold darkness is what I see

Leave me, leave me, stranger be gone
The moon is waning with my interest in you
Why do you persist? You are not worthy
There is nothing else you can do

Part 3 - Contempt
I saw the moon waxing and then I believed
I thought that I saw your true self
I see the moon waning, I now understand
You extinguish the flame of my health

I can survive on my own, I do not need you
So leave me now and never return
My darkness is overshadowed by your light
My affairs are not your concern

Part 4 - Oblivion
Losing vitality, my energy drained
My star no longer burns bright
My rays torn asunder, my lifeline diminished
The sun will burn black tonight