Dream Diary - SWAT Team Assault

It started out that I was in a flat with several other random people, when several gunshots were fired from outside at the kitchen window. We all took cover and prepared to fight back, when a SWAT team burst through the opening.

I knew, somehow, they were after me.

I no longer remember anything of the battle, but afterwards it turned out the assault was a dream within a dream. Nonetheless the damage inflicted was real and I read a letter of complaint from one of my work colleagues to my landlord, demanding that the damage be fixed. I felt guilty because it was my dream which caused this damage, but someone told me not to worry about it because I can't help what I dream about.

In the second "day" of the dream, I saw my landlord plastering a wall to repair the damage done from the night before. I reflected on what had happened in the first dream and decided that this time, I should make an immediate surrender to the assault team in the hope of being treated with mercy.

The dream within a dream occurred again, only this time we were assaulted by a teenage gang instead. I surrendered immediately and they were holding us against a wall outside. It then turned out that the SWAT team were supporters of a Republican American presidential candidate, while the teenage gang were supporters of his opponent. I was then considering whether it would be possible to get the teenage gang on my side (thus ensuring my own survival) by using my resources to support them in their political campaign.

That is the last I remember of the dream. The home destruction and subsequent repair were influenced by some very minor household problems which were soon fixed, while the SWAT assault was akin to something out of the game Payday 2, which I used to play frequently but have not done so for a long time now. I've no idea how the American politics came into it.