The Fuerteventura Diaries Day 2 - The Holiday Begins

11:40 - Today we had the welcome meeting from the reps and we were given information on all the various excursions available. Booked a few of them in advance, including a yacht cruise for tomorrow, a Marina & Markets trip to Lanzarote on Saturday, a trip to the Oasis Water Park...also on Saturday, need to get that changed as that was intended for Sunday, and an evening drag show to include a roast dinner on Monday. Tuesday is free at the moment, might just leave that as one last "nothing day" I think. Should be a good holiday all in all! Last time I went abroad for a week I didn't do any excursions whatsoever...definitely recommend package holidays in the future, it's great having everything arranged for you.

15:36 - Spent a couple of hours walking and/or sunbathing (mostly sunbathing) during the midday sunshine again today. The heat is more bearable today so I felt comfortable staying out for longer than before. Whether my skin agrees with me tomorrow is another question but no matter. I ventured further down the beach than before but there's only so far I'll walk when I've got the return journey to consider also. Wouldn't be so bad if there were walkways like there are in Tenerife but when it's all soft sand, as nice as that is, walking takes a lot more effort. Nonetheless I spent far more time than I should have done getting an all-over tan but I do find it hard to resist such an opportunity when I'm over here, even if it is allegedly bad for your health. Fuck it, other people drink and smoke, so I get to have my own poison thank you very much!

After returning from the beach it was a case of showering (trying to get all of the sand off, this stuff really sticks to you when you have sunscreen applied) and heading down to the restaurant while I still had time to take advantage of the dinner hours. It's all buffet style here, just pick up a plate and choose whatever you want, plenty of variety available. Even a fussy bugger like me can find plenty of options they will enjoy.

After finishing dinner (which included enough ice cream to offset the physical exertion of walking in the blazing sun and then some) I went upstairs to read for a bit, but then decided I needed to see the reps to sort out the double booking on Saturday. Went downstairs but they're away until the evening now. So I went and had a look in one of the gift shops, bought 4 souvenirs (one for me, three for others) and then came back up to my room. It's now 15:49 which means I've spent 13 minutes writing all this so far. Ciao for now.

18:58 - So I've just tried deep fried squid for the first time in my life. It looks like an onion ring and tastes...fishy. Seriously, if there was a generic taste of fish, that would be it. Felt full surprisingly quickly, until I remembered it's less than 4 hours since I last ate. Oh well. Off to the beach again now, completely ignoring the redness of my face and the slight burn on the tip of my nose, to catch the final rays of the day. Apparently there's a rock music show going on in the bar downstairs tonight so that should be interesting. Until then though, tanning time.

20:20 - The beach was only sparsely populated this evening, but on the plus side it was more relaxing with so few people about.

On a completely different note, I had a bizarre dream last night that I only remembered earlier this afternoon. I was watching one of these animal welfare documentaries which was aimed at people who own pet pigs (something which, in my dream, was probably as common as people owning pet rabbits or hamsters). It was urging people to better understand the pig's dietary requirements, saying that meat alone was not enough, it needed carbohydrates also. It said that without sufficient carbohydrates in the pig's diet it will live longer but will be unhappy throughout its lifetime. Pigs need carbohydrates to be happy, according to that dream. Strange. I also observed a pig eating from a trough in that dream and remarked at how quickly it devoured all the random mash of food in there. I genuinely have no idea what spawned this dream.

Currently sat in the bar downstairs as I type this, live music is due to start before the rock show later on. Should be a nice night. Oh yeah, I sorted out the double-booking also so all is well there. Of course the funny thing is, by the time anyone but me is reading any of this, it will all have happened anyway. Everything that is in the future as I write this will be in the past when it's on Facebook. But hey, you're getting an idea of how it all unfolded at the time anyway. Theoretically.

20:45 - It seems the "live music" is actually just pre-recorded music played through the speakers. On the plus side I've secured a seat near the front getting here this early. 45 minutes to the main show and it's already filling up in here. C'est la vie.

22:44 - Wow, the evening's entertainment was fantastic. The show was a troupe of 4 women and 4 men performing lip-synced dance routines to a medley of rock songs of all flavours and all eras. The costumes were quite funny, the scene was set on a metro platform and you had the cast dressed as all sorts, conductor, cleaner, bookworm, old lady, punk, all of which were stripped away as the show went on with the ladies dressed in corsets and the men wearing a variety of outfits one would associate with rockstars. Over far too quickly as these things always are but it was really good fun to watch. It's brilliant that these entertainments are put on in the evenings. Now I'm back in my room ready to crash out for the night. Tomorrow afternoon is the yacht cruise, which once again means morning beach time. Also, my red face from earlier has already gone brown. When it comes to tanning I have fantastic genes.