The Fuerteventura Diaries Day 5 - Oasis in the Desert

08:17 - The temptation was definitely there this morning to lie in and leave today's excursion for another day, but I knew full-well this situation would only repeat itself on the next two days if I did leave it today. So I forced myself up, eventually, and had a quick breakfast consisting of nothing more than a bowl of the almighty Sugar Puffs. No doubt I'll be feeling hungry later on but never mind, that's what all my belly fat is for.

The pick-up is at 08:40 so got a little bit of time to kill before heading back down there. I'm quite looking forward to having a couple of lazy days after this with which to finish the holiday. It's definitely been good fun, I highly recommend it.

08:45 - On the previous 2 excursions we were the first hotel to be picked up from as we were being taken to Corralejo Port in the north. I think this water park is south of us, so we're probably the last to be picked up. I assume that's why the coach hasn't arrived yet, I'm waiting here with quite a few others at the moment so I know it's not just me.

08:53 - The coach arrived at last. Of course I am a tad concerned now because normally we have someone check our tickets at the pick-up point and issue us with a pass. My ticket was originally booked for yesterday but the representative just amended it manually to my departure date and said I can use it any time before then. Hoping that holds true...

09:10 - When I read about Fuerteventura before booking this holiday, there was mention made in quite a few places that it's the least developed out of all the Canary Islands. On the way from the airport to the hotel last Wednesday, and on the way to the water park today, I can see this to be true. So much empty land, it looks very much like a desert in places - just the kind of hard scrub one would see in such an environment. Not quite barren, arid the right word? It's actually quite cloudy today but I can't imagine the island sees much rainfall at all.

09:28 - Just passed through another developed area and I think I've seen grass for the first time since arriving here. Most likely imported, this doesn't look like an island where it grows naturally.

10:52 - So it turns out Oasis Park is actually a massive zoo, not a water theme park like I initially assumed from what little information I'd looked at beforehand. Got a camel ride booked for 11:30 so that should be interesting.

11:35 - Arrived late for the camel safari but they say I'll be called up when there's a space for me, with my ticket number. Didn't realise there were 2 zones for the safari, but never mind just have to wait. At least I haven't lost out completely.

11:52 - So although I arrived late, the 11:30 tickets weren't actually called until 11:45. Fair enough, makes me feel less silly for arriving late then! On the camel now which is knelt down in the sand.

12:46 - Wow, the camel ride was fantastic! Lasted about 50-55 minutes and we went slowly through some groves of desert plants, then ascended a very large hill from whence much of the island was visible. Very enjoyable ride, time absolutely flew by! Thinking it would be wise to get some food soon, not sure just one bowl of sugar puffs is exactly enough food for a 10 hour period!

13:35 - Bloody hell, didn't realise I've been walking around for almost an hour now! Found a restaurant but it's completely full and there's a bit of a queue so I'll just wander around for a bit and see if I find any other food outlets. I'm near an ice cream stall but that's not really what I want right now. Besides, I already had one this morning from a vending machine.

14:14 - Managed to get a spot in the restaurant at last and just had my order taken. Cheese and tomato baguette. FOOD!

15:05 - Fed at long last and now my body has gone into that "Hey! You've been active while hungry for a few hours now! Now I'm going to make you feel sluggish to teach you a lesson!" mode. Also known as digestion. Well it's just under two and a half hours before the bus takes us back to the resort...only problem is I think I've seen everything now! Oh well, I'll find some way to kill the time.

16:04 - 86 minutes to go before the bus departs. My feet are worn out from all the walking now so just resting on a bench. There is an exhibit involving parrots taking place at the moment but the combination of my aching feet and distaste for crowds led me to abstain from it. I've already seen some parrots in an enclosure so I don't mind. Going to sit here for a bit, browse the souvenir stalls then probably head back to the bus around 5ish. It's one fuck of a long walk back if I miss it.

16:26 - Bought a couple of souvenirs and left the resort, now just to wait around for a while. I wonder how soon I can board the bus?

17:05 - Return bus has arrived and I have embarked thereupon. Glad to be returning to the resort now and also glad to know that the last of my holiday will be spent local to the resort. These excursions are nice but there's always the slight anxiety for paranoid fucks like me about getting stranded far from the hotel. On the plus side this bus goes all the way to Corralejo, so if the worst really did happen I'd have an hour and a half walk along the beach to get back. Not that that would happen, but my point is I'd rather be stranded relatively near to the resort than halfway down the island. Now just to read and relax until we get back to the hotel. It's starting to feel like home now, funnily enough.

18:45 - Almost back at the hotel now. Can't resist the urge for a late trip to the beach; dinner can wait.

19:04 - Damn, no nudists left on the beach at this moment in time. As much as it annoys me to say so, I feel uncomfortable going all the way if there's nobody else about doing so. I know it's legal and acceptable, but because there's no specifically designated naturist area, I feel wary being the only one. Not because I'm uncomfortable being seen naked - I've already proven to myself that that isn't the case. Just that I'm paranoid someone will get funny with me for it, especially as children sometimes roam the unofficially nudist section of the beach. Again, nothing to be ashamed of there but I'd rather not be facing an angry parent or two who don't know or accept that it's allowed here. Never mind, tomorrow's another day. Unless I am brave enough to bus it to Corralejo independently then I'll be beach-bound for the next two days anyway. Plenty of time to make the most of it all. Anyway, might be best just to pack up and head to dinner. Need to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop as my phone's low on disk space now.

19:34 - Entertainment for tonight looks to be some sort of acrobatic dance act, which I think is someone external this time rather than the in-house team. Turns out that team is from all over, got people from Germany, France, Cuba, you name it. Anyway, off to dinner now and then might just come back up to grab my book and reserve a spot downstairs again. I think 8.30pm is the latest you want to get there to ensure a good seat. That is, an hour before the show starts. And this is a big seating area. Yep, it's popular alright!

20:07 - Wow, haven't eaten that ravenously since...well, since the start of this holiday at least! A fillet of "Orny" or "Ory" fish was it? Never heard of that species but it was the same in all languages and had a taste I haven't experienced before. Anyway, I had that, a slice of steak (or "cow" as the English translation went, which amused me), 3 pieces of deep fried squid (yummy, definitely worth trying if you haven't done so before), a slice of pizza with tuna topping and chips. With 2 1/2 scoops of ice cream for dessert. And a glass of coke and a glass of tonic water. Can tell I was buzzing from the sugar because I leapt up the stairs. Not the usual walking two steps at a time, I mean actually running two steps at a time, leaping from each second step in turn. Then again I had a very light breakfast and spent much of the early afternoon walking around on an empty stomach so it makes sense my body was calling out for some sustenance. Again, loving the all-inclusive hotel package. It means whatever your circumstances on holiday, you're at least guaranteed that you can eat all your main meals every day you're away. No need to worry about finding places to eat. It's a great comfort, and comfort is what I seek most of all in life.

22:20 - The show was reasonably good, although shorter than expected and for some reason I didn't enjoy it as much as the other entertainments we've had so far. Maybe it's just my tiredness, who knows? Anyway, it was a glitz and glamour American-style acrobatic dance routine, three women and one man. One of the women sang The Final Countdown to different backing music at one point; I was trying to see if she was lip syncing but the vocals sounded closer to live rather than studio vocals and the timing seemed too perfect for lip syncing so I think she genuinely was singing. Again, not bad and certainly better than I could ever manage that song. Now just to relax for the night, in the comfortable happiness of knowing I don't have to get up for anything in the morning.

22:32 - Just starting to transfer the holiday photos from my phone to my laptop. Bloody hell, I've taken 181 photos today alone and that's not including the ones I subsequently deleted! No wonder my phone used about 30% battery charge today!

23:15 - After transferring all my holiday photos so far to my laptop and deleting excess and low quality photos, it's now down to 135 photos for today and 251 overall. Also, turns out I have a 1GB video on my phone! No wonder I was close to exceeding my storage limit, bloody hell. Really need to extract all these old photos and videos onto my PC when I get back home.