The Fuerteventura Diaries Day 6 - No Comedy? Well, that's a Drag...

09:12 - Sod's law that on the first day I don't need to get up early I wake up at 06:50. Never mind, breakfast today was seeded bread with some sort of pink meat, some sort of herb or seasoning which I couldn't taste, and onion. Drank cola and tonic water with it. I'm not overly big on tonic water but I figure with the equatorial heat and my frequent forays to the beach, I really do need to make sure I'm drinking as much as I can.

Going to head to the beach at about 10ish I think, so just reading and relaxing until then. Got the drag comedy show this evening, due to meet in the reception at 7.15pm then walk on down with everyone else, including the Thomson reps. Should be a good laugh. Apparently in the bar downstairs the 9.30pm entertainment is a horror show; I'm assuming tonight's comedy show is to last longer than that so I'll probably be missing out on the hotel's entertainment alas, but that's OK. I'll still get to see one last show tomorrow evening. Can't believe it's Day 6 already, this holiday's gone so fast. Got a lot to show for it though, so I'm really pleased at how it's all gone. Definitely the best of my solo holidays to date.

13:11 - Spent about 2½ hours on the beach this morning before finally heading back to my hotel room. I rediscovered the joy of wave jumping in the sea, something I probably last did as a young teenager or something. Where you stand in the sea, wait for a big wave to arrive and jump with it as it hits you. Good fun!

Now as much as I'd like to simply have dinner and go back out again, I've already spent much of the late morning and midday in the sun so I'd best be mindful of that and stay inside for a bit, or at least do something different than lying on the beach. Damn risk of sunburn.

16:04 - I've spent enough time in the sun for one day so I'm going to relax in the hotel room for the rest of the day. One thing I do intend to do shortly though is visit the nearby supermarket, see if I can purchase anything to take back home, such as sweets for work. Otherwise it's just a case of relaxing until the drag comedy show later on.

17:16 - Fuck, I've either got a stomach bug or I've eaten something that disagrees with me. I've only drunk bottled water that I brought with me from home so it's not that. Oh well, just got to ride it out...

19:01 - Unfortunately I'm still queasy enough that I don't feel up to the comedy drag night, which is a shame. Had a panic attack earlier because I thought I was going to be sick. It's going down slightly but I'm finding it easiest just to lie in bed for the time being and see how it goes. Maybe I will make the bar's entertainment after all?

Trouble is, I don't know what the cause of this is. Could it be a Vitamin D overdose? I did take my multivitamin tablet this morning which already includes Vitamin D, so possibly that combined with being out in the sun for so long today has resulted in my present ailment? Either that or I ate something bad at the restaurant. Just going to have to be cautious from now on, which is unfortunate but it could be worse. No need to spoil the mood of the overall holiday with this misfortune.