The Fuerteventura Diaries Day 7 - The Sun Sets on Fuerteventura

08:29 - I'm not going to lie, last night was hell. Vomited 3 times and had just as many panic attacks due to my sickness phobia. Normally a panic attack will prevent me from being sick, but at one point I was at the height of a panic attack AND still had the sickness feeling. Emotionally, the pain was excruciating. I kept telling myself I would get through this but at one point the level of panic was such that my subconscious mind actually thought I was going to die, even though my rational mind knew that wasn't the case. Had to buy some extra bottles of water from the vending machine on the floor below. Bought 2 late in the evening, got through those and bought another 2 in the early hours of this morning. Thankfully the latter 2 are still going.

Went downstairs for breakfast and had a bowl of sugar puffs. I can't tell if it went straight through me or if my body was just purging the rest of last night's nastiness but either way today will be nothing more than a recovery day for me.

10:12 - Well I haven't felt any urge to be sick yet so that's definitely an improvement. Still physically weak from the whole ordeal and unsure whether to attend lunch or not. If I do then I'm only having chips, but right now even the thought of just that feels unappetising. Might skip lunch and wait until dinner instead. I wanted to visit the nearby supermarket today but might do that tomorrow morning before pick-up instead. Also in two minds about the beach today, might be best to forego it in favour of resting to try and recover more quickly. I'm just glad this happened yesterday so that I have time to recover before the flight home. I did consider last night whether to see the hotel doctor but the last thing I want is to be pronounced unfit to fly tomorrow. Best I keep this illness a secret.

11:20 - Decided it's time I got up and done something despite my weakness. Going to head to the supermarket and see if I can find any small snacks that might help me keep going. Still unsure about lunch but I will visit the beach this afternoon, if I'm going to laze about then might as well get some fresh air and sunshine in the process.

11:30 - Stopped at the hotel shop first and bought some chocolate and Werther's Originals. I need the sugar today, until my body can accept regular food again. Can't spend the entire day running on empty. Going to read for a bit in my room with the balcony door open to get some fresh air in here. Then I'll try the actual supermarket a bit later on.

12:30 - Still struggling. I was up and reading for a bit but then a wave of dizziness struck me and I had to go lie down. Hate feeling weak like this. I'll be fine later on though. Going to go to lunch after all but just have a very small portion of chips and see how I cope.

13:21 - Been to lunch and just had a small plate of chips without seasonings and half a glass of coke. Now to see how my body reacts...

13:53 - Well, the food doesn't seem to have passed straight through me like the cereal did this morning so I think I'm on the mend. Hopefully this evening I can eat a bit more and feel OK. Still weak and uneasy but that should improve now as the day goes on. Again, just grateful that I've had this day to recover from it. If it had happened the day before then the day's excursion would have been ruined. If it had happened today, I'd be in danger of feeling too unwell to fly. Best of all, it hasn't marred my overall experience of the holiday. It's just something which happened.

14:16 - The call of vanity is too strong. Off to the beach now for one last tanning session.

16:00 - Back from the beach and that’s it for me now, no more tanning time. It has been good though.

16:40 - I'm feeling better now than I was earlier, which I think is partly due to being outdoors for a bit and partly due to the sugar from the Werther's Original I had. Planning to have a slice of pizza and some chips at dinner tonight, hoping that will set me on the path back to full strength again.

17:41 - Just been to the nearby supermarket to buy some wine for some people back home, also bought some cola and water for myself. Feeling a lot stronger now than I was earlier, despite how little I've eaten today, and how much I chucked up yesterday. Bloody horrible that was. So glad it's over now. Dinner is at 18:00, so once I've had that I think it's then just packing my stuff so that I'm all set and ready to go tomorrow. The coach is scheduled to pick me up at 09:50 so I'll most likely be there for 09:30 because I'm punctually paranoid like that.

18:10 - For some reason I thought the restaurant opened for dinner at 18:00 but it's actually 18:30. Never mind, I'll just sit downstairs until it opens then. Although I'm feeling strong again I don't fancy hiking up 5 flights of stairs again before I've eaten.

18:53 - Well, that's my final dinner in this hotel done with. One advantage of waiting downstairs until the restaurant doors open is that you get all the fresh batches of food. So that was a nice plate of chips and a couple of slices of tuna pizza, as a celebration of sorts to my return to full strength.

While I was at dinner, some weirdo posted a laminated leaflet under my door, in 5 languages (Spanish, German, (presumably) Polish, English and not sure of the fifth) apparently inviting me to a secret liaison at midnight in the "old lobby". I'm hoping based on the fact that it's laminated and in so many languages that this was mass-produced and not just for me personally...because if it was then that's something to be a tad worried about! Never mind though, I'm leaving tomorrow anyway.

The entertainment for tonight is..."entertainment show" apparently. Nice and specific. Oh well, it will be good to catch one last show before I leave, seeing as I wasn't able to attend any shows last night. In spite of the sickness bug this has been one brilliant holiday, very pleased I came here.

19:24 - Alas, so soon after dinner I have a headache. I understand why though, it's the day's exertions on a near-empty stomach catching up with me. Currently bed-bound but I should be fine before the evening's entertainment begins.

20:37 - So I go downstairs to reserve a seat as per normal...only to find that the seats are already filled as there's a children's show going on before the adult's entertainment. Never mind, could do with some more rest anyway. On the plus side, I've got some pictures of the sunset this evening, which provides a fitting conclusion to the holiday and fits with the title of this day's diary. Jolly good show ol' chap!

20:54 - Given how tired I seem to be I think I'll skip the night's entertainment and just have an early night instead. All the packing has been done now except for tomorrow's change of clothes so should be a nice easy checkout tomorrow. Glad I came on this holiday, it's been great.