Black Tar Road

Date of review: 08 August 2016

Starting with the positives, I felt this film had a good setting to it and achieved its objectives well given the (relatively) small production crew and the apparently low budget. There's not much plot to speak of, rather it's a character study of these two women in their respective lifestyles and their blossoming relationship. There is plenty of drug use and nudity in this film and we see the characters in both their highs and their lows. The soundtrack is mainly heavy metal which suits the gritty nature of the film.

On the negative side, I felt that some of the character development needed more work - much of it was alluded to in very quick flashbacks. Given that the film was focused on the characters rather than any particular plot this may be an unfair criticism but I believe there could have been a better balance that would have deepened the character stories rather than just focusing on the same themes throughout. What character development was there felt a bit too sparse and shallow for my liking, but perhaps that is just me. My only other criticism was that in a few places the scenes would jump back and forth somewhat chaotically without serving any real purpose, but this was only minor and most of the scenes flowed normally.

Overall this was a reasonably enjoyable film to watch and if I could summarise it in three words, they would be thus: Beautiful, erotic, sad. If at least two of those words sound like something you would enjoy then I suggest giving this film a watch.