Date of review: 20 July 2015

When I got home this evening, feeling tired and slightly malnourished from a mild bug I seem to have contracted, I decided to watch a film. That film was Divergent.

It seems all of the film reviews I've done so far have been glowingly positive; I think this is because if I dislike a film that much I never watch it to the end. So the fact that I'm writing my first review in over a year means this film made a good impression indeed. Anyway, enough of that.

Divergent is based on a novel of the same name (which I've not read) but the film itself is fantastic. Set in a closed society which is divided into 5 distinct factions, we follow the young Beatrice as she is forced to choose the faction in which she will spend the rest of her life. I cannot say much more of the story lest I spoil it for those who have yet to watch it (or read the book perhaps?) so I shall focus instead on the production.

This film is full of stunts and there were several times I felt very strong vertigo. It's not your typical Hollywood run-of-the-mill action film with explosions and car chases, but there are fight scenes aplenty and some incredibly suspenseful moments where, even if you feel sure that character will make it, you'll still be on the edge of your seat waiting for it.

Overall I felt the production quality was very good and the acting was certainly convincing. There are quite a few touching moments in amidst all the action and thrill; suffice to say I felt they struck a good balance in that regard. The film is nearly two and a half hours long, and I was entertained for every minute of it. A must-watch if you enjoy thriller films.

Oh, and forgive me for saying this but the lead actress is absolutely gorgeous! I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. That's not really relevant for the film review but I felt like I had to say it anyway. That is all for now.