Fast Girls

Date of review: 3 September 2013

When I first signed up to LoveFilm's free trial, I was going through the films in the "Staff Picks" category and adding any that interested me to my watchlist. One of these films, when I looked at the description I thought, "That doesn't sound anything like what I'd want to watch!" So I added it to my watchlist. That film was called Fast Girls and it focuses on two young women competing for Team GB in an athletics championship.

Well today I finally got around to watching that film and I'm bloody glad I did. I don't normally count drama as a genre that I like (especially considering the amount of drama films/programs that seem to focus primarily on in-your-face attitudes and constant screaming) but this one was definitely worth watching. The script and dialogue felt very authentic, all of the characters were actually intelligent (makes a change from a lot of films I've seen) and all in all it was just an entertaining film to watch. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you have such an adverse reaction to the film blurb like I initially did!