Date of review: 29 January 2018

In many respects, this is by far the best film I've watched in a long time.

I would describe it as a sort of comedy horror - the male lead has a quirky and charismatic way about him which is amusing and provides light relief throughout the film, offsetting the dramatic tension of some scenes and otherwise entertaining the viewer during the rest of the film. There is plenty of blood and gore during the horror scenes which I would consider unsuitable for younger viewers or those of a queasy nature, but the overall impression for me is a film which tells a good and original story that blends together elements of the horror, comedy and perhaps thriller genres also.

What impressed me most about this film though was the surprise I was in for upon reading the credits. The entire film was written and produced by the male lead, with some support from the female lead also. The reason this was such a surprise for me was the professional production quality of the entire film. The quality is what I would normally expect from an experienced and professional film crew, so to learn that this was not only produced by one person but also that this was the first time anybody involved had done film work before (whether acting or producing) was the perfect way to cap such an entertaining experience. Even the score was produced by one person, performing all parts of the orchestra single-handedly.

In conclusion I think that if you enjoy comedy and you enjoy horror, then this film is an excellent mix of the two. It kept me entertained throughout and deserves all the praise it can get, both for the quality of the viewing experience itself and for the single-handed effort in producing it.