Rust and Bone

Date of review: 13 October 2013

I felt rather uncomfortable watching this film, though that's not intended as a criticism by any means as that's essentially what the film is there for. It's a very gritty drama following a homeless man with a young son, both of whom are taken in by his sister. He becomes involved with a woman who trains orcas at a marine park after she suffers a nasty accident at work leaving her wheelchair-bound. This film isn't pleasant to watch due to the gritty and brutal nature of the events depicted, but I imagine if you're into that sort of drama then this would definitely be worth watching. One thing I did enjoy about the film though is the original soundtrack, which is very atmospheric and does serve to highten the tension in certain scenes. My only real criticism of the film is that the ending was anticlimactic and felt somewhat inconsistent with the mood set in the rest of the film. Still, if you like feeling uncomfortable then this is a good film to watch.