Date of review: 21 January 2014

In the mood for a film but not quite sure what to watch? Don't fancy anything too serious? Snatch. That's the film you want to watch.

The film is shown as a series of interweaving storylines that centre around one of two things - a diamond and an underground boxing match. At first these two subjects seem to be completely unrelated, but as the film goes on the events begin to converge and previously unrelated characters get further entangled with each other.

Now I could bang on about this or that aspect of the film, but I might as well just get to the point - it's fucking funny. There is plenty of sarcastic dialogue between the various characters and there's one moment near the end where the characters just break the fourth wall entirely by referencing the cinematic technique used at that moment in time. And implicitly poking fun at it while doing so.

I can honestly say this film had me smiling all the way through. It doesn't take itself too seriously but at the same time is very well produced and succeeds in doing what any comedy film should do - it entertains. The plot is cleverly written and ties together the seemingly random events very well at the end.

So in conclusion, if you want some light entertainment that's fun for the whole family (that is, assuming they're all 18 or over since that's the certificate rating on this one) then you can do worse than watching Snatch for the next hour and a half.