Special Forces

Date of review: 1 October 2013

This film follows a French commando unit who are dispatched to rescue a journalist kidnapped by the Taliban. There aren't really any tense or gripping scenes (despite plenty of shoot-outs) but the story compensates for it as a large part of the film focuses on the aftermath of the rescue; a fire-fight ensues during the rescue operation itself and the team's radio equipment is damaged, which causes them to miss the helicopter extraction and forces them to trek through the mountains back to their base. Although it's not the most exciting film I've seen it is still worth watching in my opinion, especially since it's never quite clear even right up to the end whether or not they will make it. It has a nice soundtrack also which fits some of the more.. emotional scenes very well. In conclusion, a good all-round film that is worth watching for its storyline and its grim portrayal of modern warfare.