Sucker Punch

Date of review: 4 October 2013


If I were to sum this film up in one word, then the above is exactly that. I decided, however, that as funny as it is to have a one-word review amidst many verbose reviews, I have actually got a more serious review I'd like to write. The start of this film is definitely bizarre, but in a funny way. And for the first half of the film or so I was really entertained by it. However it does take a darker turn later on which, in my opinion, actually ruins the mood of the film. We all know how much I love darkness but I just don't feel that it works for this film - it starts out with a somewhat comedic theme yet all of a sudden it takes a serious dramatic twist about two thirds of the way through. I can understand what they were trying to achieve, but it's like the film is trying to be two different things at once. Sadly though I just don't feel that the comedy and the drama mixed very well.

All in all I would still say this is a reasonable film however and it is very imaginative. The protagonist is a young woman who is sent to a mental institution by her father and there are various scenes taking place within her imagination, which is where a lot of the more creative elements of the film are exhibited. It's worth watching at least once just for the sheer madness of it all, even if it's not the most climactic film you'll ever see.