Summer of Love

Date of review: 19 May 2018

Set somewhere on the coast of Australia, this film is about a couple, Amanda and Tom, who are staying in a beach house for the summer, attending the funeral of Amanda's father. Amanda is questioning the purpose of life and lamenting that she's always tried too hard to be obedient and compliant, never acting recklessly like she wants to.

Soon Amanda starts to have an affair with a third man, Michael, which she is open and honest about to Tom. Although jealous and hurt initially, Tom starts to accept the what is happening and that is when things get interesting.

Although billed as a drama, it's a relatively light-hearted one and a true pleasure to watch. Interspersed with light philosophical musings about the nature of the world, relationships and life, the film is set against the backdrop of a beautiful seaside town which is complemented by the equally beautiful actors (both in aesthetics and charisma) who perform their roles well. With a mixture of live jazz music and soaring operatic scores, the whole film creates a wonderful experience of ambience and atmosphere which in my opinion makes this an absolute gem of a film. Truly one of the best I've watched in some time.

So there you have it - if you're looking for something not too heavy that's going to entertain and uplift you for an hour and a half, then I thoroughly recommend watching this.