The Order

Date of review: 09 August 2015

That was....bloody weird.

So this film is called The Order, starring the late Heath Ledger as the protagonist. Features a lot of Christian mythology which I liked. The main character is a Catholic Priest who has been trained to banish demons and undead. Not a lot of that actually features in the film though despite several references to it in dialogue.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on, truth be told. It's one of those character-centric plots, rather than focusing on a series of events in the world itself. Thus there are times when it seems nothing is happening at all. As he battles between his priestly vows and his carnal desires, between his faith in God and his rejection of Church authority, we see what appears to be a random sequence of scenes as he searches for something without really knowing what it is he seeks.

For me at least, things finally started to make sense towards the end, as I came to understand what the character's motivations were and what he actually wanted. I wonder if that's precisely how the filmmakers intended it, or whether I was just slow off the mark.

Either way, my conclusion remains the same. This is one bloody weird film.