The Ritual

Date of review: 14 June 2014

And once again it's film review time, this one being for a film called The Ritual.

Set in modern times, this film follows an archaeologist searching for an ancient amulet which was used by the pre-Celtic natives of Ireland in a ritual to pass over to the spirit world. Hot on her heels is a German doctor who also seeks the amulet for a different purpose.

The strongest aspect of this film by far is the story. The acting and the dialogue is amateurish in places, but this does not detract from the experience too much as the actors are there to portray the story and that is precisely what they do. The action is reasonably fast-paced from start to finish and is enough to keep your attention throughout.

In conclusion if you enjoy Celtic themes and ancient mythology then this film is worth a watch. It is entertaining despite its flaws and despite the occasional scenes of violence makes for comfortable viewing. Above all, it was simply fun to watch.