Date of review: 4 October 2013

I think the strongest part of this film is the storyline - I'm always expecting twists and trying to pre-empt them, but for me at least the plot twists (of which there are many) were far from obvious. It follows a man who, on holiday with his wife in Berlin, discovers when they get to the hotel that one of his briefcases is missing. He gets a taxi back to the airport but the taxi driver, rushing through traffic at his insistence, ultimately swerves off a bridge and crashes into the river. He is knocked unconscious but the driver manages to save him. He is comatose for 4 days and struggles to remember much when he awakens. From this point onwards it gets weird, as his wife no longer recognises him and even more strangely another man is there posing as her husband, with the same name and background as the protagonist.

All in all this was an interesting film that raises more and more questions as it goes on but thankfully all is explained towards the end. What's more, the explanations are actually believable. Even at the end when it seems like everything has been explained...there's still one more minor twist to surprise us. Definitely worth watching if you're a fan of mystery drama.