Lord Fnorgle's Domain


Welcome to Lord Fnorgle's Domain.

This website is currently home to my art projects. This includes music, poetry and literature although to date very little attention has been given to poetry or literature as I currently focus most of my attention on my music. More information can be found in the Art section.

As of August 2013 I also started writing short film reviews after subscribing to LoveFilm. The list of films I've reviewed thus far can be found in the Films section.

In April 2014 I decided to invade Twitter and start writing tweets on various subjects. These include jokes, practical advice of a morally dubious nature, philosophical musings and nuggets of wisdom. Visit the Twitter section for everything I've written to date.

As of December 2016 this website is undergoing a ridiculously long-overdue content update in which many new things will be added. Until such update is complete, new menu items may appear which do not yet have any content for them. This will change soon.