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In April 2014 I decided to invade Twitter and start writing tweets on the following subjects:

All of the postings contain links to the relevant Twitter page. Alternately you may visit my Twitter profile directly.

Practical Tips for a Practical World
Content Date Link
Always maintain a reputation for honesty. It makes your lies much easier to believe. 12/04/14 View on Twitter
Learn the difference between what's right and what's best. If morality is your primary concern, do what's right. Otherwise, do what's best. 18/04/14 View on Twitter

Nuggets of Wisdom
Content Date Link
We lose our way in life when we think with our hearts and feel with our heads. 13/04/14 View on Twitter
Want to learn the secret of understanding the opposite sex? Stop assuming gender defines a person's way of thinking. It doesn't. 17/04/14 View on Twitter
You CAN have your cake and eat it. Sometimes it takes effort, sometimes ingenuity, but it can be done. 21/04/14 View on Twitter

Content Date Link
Give a man a fire and you warm him for a day. Set a man on fire and you warm him for life. 11/04/14 View on Twitter
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Except for the ugly ones. They don't count. 15/04/14 View on Twitter
Dating is like chess - two players trying to assess each other's moves, all with the goal of mating the other person. 22/04/14 View on Twitter

Philosophical Musings
Content Date Link
Life is a dream from which we do not wish to wake; the world a collective dreamscape of which we all partake. 14/04/14 View on Twitter
We cannot accurately predict the future without fully understanding the present. 16/04/14 View on Twitter
Nothing is inherently sacred because sanctity is a human concept. The universe simply is - there's nothing more to it than that. 19/04/14 View on Twitter
Wisdom comes through experience. One cannot know what it is like to stand in the rain if one only has only ever watched it through a window. 20/04/14 View on Twitter


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