Lord Fnorgle's Domain


The art section of my website includes my original music, poetry and literature.


Music is my most prominent hobby - I began writing music in June 2006 and to date have completed an EP, one epic single and three full-length albums, with several more on the go. Although I completed writing my first EP, The Mellow Sovereign, in 2006, it took several years before I successfully recorded it due to my perfectionism and the quality of the recording equipment I had at the time.

For those projects which have not yet been recorded, the song lyrics and other album information are available to browse in the in the music section.


Poetry on its own I actually do very little of, since most of what I write I end up writing music for. Nonetheless on the rare occasions that I do write a poem that isn't to be included on a music project, it can be found in this section.


Even rarer than the poetry I write, this section will contain information on any novels I happen to be writing or plan to be writing.


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