Lord Fnorgle's Domain


Poem Description Date
Sun and Moon Back in 2006 when I was going through a period of depression over my relationship status at the time (or lack thereof), I decided to write a cynical poem about romance, using the Sun and Moon as metaphors for the subjects in question. It made me feel temporarily better, if nothing else. 2006
Exam Poem On Thursday 17th October 2013 I was getting ready for a college exam I had that afternoon. Deciding to come home from college for an hour to "rest my brain" I wrote this short poem as a way of expressing my slightly arrogant enthusiasm for the exam. Given my penchant for violent metaphors to represent successful completion of the exam, I felt a poem of equal calibre would be rather fitting. 17th October 2013
The Hardest Part A short poem which simply describes how oftentimes the most difficult part of an endeavour is getting started in the first place. 23rd June 2014
The Struggle Another short poem, this time about internal struggles. 25th January 2015


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