Lord Fnorgle's Domain


Currently this page shows the short stories I've published, which are free to download. I am also working on a trilogy of full-length novels, details of which will be published in the indeterminate future.

Short Stories
Name Description Written
Diary of a Mustard Pot A short and rather bizarre story, this chronicles the short life of a mustard pot who aspired to be King of the Mustard Mountain. Contains one instance of strong language. December 2010
Diary of the Damned A short story about a soul who suffers the holiday from hell.. in Hell itself! June 2013
Diary of an Overlord The third book in the Diary series, this short story details the life and trials of a corporate Overlord in the underworld. Contains some profanity. 4th June 2016

To learn more about the history of my literary projects, including references to the unpublished works of my teenage years, check out my literature biography page.


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