Lord Fnorgle's Domain

Music Biography


At the age of 19 I started exploring music composition.

I quickly found myself drawn to a style using the piano as a lead instrument and a string section backing, all in minor key and with a brooding atmospheric sound.

I called this group of songs The Gothic Collection.

As the years went by, curiosity turned to interest, interest turned to ambition. And that is when the struggle began.

Where once I had many different projects in varying stages of completion, now I have consolidated the highlights into compilation albums of the releases that never came to be.

It was the only way I could reconcile my disappointment of not having published my works for so long with the reality that I would never be satisfied with some of the songs I wrote, no matter how much effort I put into improving them.

At some point I will re-publish the old list of projects that I had once planned to release as individual albums/EPs/singles in their own right, but it is not an immediate priority for me to do so now.

Until then, I invite you to explore the Abandoned Lands.


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