Lord Fnorgle's Domain



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Volume 1 - The Gothic Collection
Track Length Lyrics
01. Silent Sorrow 1:12 Instrumental
02. Cold Darkness 1:58 Instrumental
03. The Mellow Sovereign 3:00 View
04. The Blood Tribunal 1:24 Instrumental
05. Faith 2:18 View
06. Abandoned 4:50 View
07. Ascendency 4:31 View
08. The Fall from Grace 4:49 View
09. Nightmare 2:36 View
10. A Warlord's Redemption 17:07 View
11. Suffer in Silence 5:17 View
12. Dark Infinity 2:46 Instrumental
13. Empty Dream 3:38 View
14. Timeless Reality 8:38 View
15. Phantasmal Chapel 5:12 View


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